Hands-on programs specifically designed to give you the coaching and skills you need to live your best life after recovery.


We focus on emotional growth and emphasis on exercising discipline and maintaining commitments


Helping you grasp the balance of accepting fault for your actions without the feelings of guilt and failure

Personal development

Showing you a path to define and achieve the goals that will lead you to a fulfilling and prosperous life


Engage the family as a trusted resource and advocate. Family members should have a qualified expert consultant to help them navigate the system.


Educate the family on the basics of a substance use disorder, treatment, recovery, boundary setting, and self-care. Family members need objective information. 


Empower the family to respond to substance use disorder and associated issues. Family members can influence outcomes and positively impact the process.


Encourage the family to practice self-care. Family members must practice stress management and pursue their own recovery programs.

Our Family Coaches understand that family support can increase the likelihood of their loved ones maintaining their recovery journey. Addiction pulled the family apart, but family recovery makes us whole again. Our aim is wholeness through healing.

Partnership with Youturn Health

Core skill development

Learn to better use your existing skills to navigate through the day-to-day struggles without fear.

  • Plans and schedules that are productive and easy to stick to
  • Assistance with planning and meeting your career and education goals
  • Skills to keep you focused during leisure time

Communication development

Effective communication gives you the tools to think more clearly and  boost confidence in almost any situation

  • Fine-tune interpersonal communication skills
  • Learn better ways to give and receive feedback
  • You’ll become a better listener

Hands-on support

Individualized 1-on-1 daily training and goal setting from a certified life-skills coach.

  • Learn effective ways to set and achieve individual goals
  • Support and tools to further strengthen your personal development
  • A reliable person to give you honest feedback and guidance

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