Professional Interventionists work with directly with you to provide a compassionate way to help your loved ones.

Creates a sense of urgency and motivation

With the right people and the right tools, our Interventionists work directly with family and close friends to get to the heart of the problem.

Puts a long-term plan in place

We help you create a plan to bring healing and structure to your entire inner circle. This approach facilitates high level commitment to ensure the plan is successful.

A complete program

We support you through the entire intervention process including treatment and aftercare options based on your individual needs and available resources.


Engage the family as a trusted resource and advocate. Family members should have a qualified expert consultant to help them navigate the system.


Educate the family on the basics of a substance use disorder, treatment, recovery, boundary setting, and self-care. Family members need objective information. 


Empower the family to respond to substance use disorder and associated issues. Family members can influence outcomes and positively impact the process.


Encourage the family to practice self-care. Family members must practice stress management and pursue their own recovery programs.

Our Family Coaches understand that family support can increase the likelihood of their loved ones maintaining their recovery journey. Addiction pulled the family apart, but family recovery makes us whole again. Our aim is wholeness through healing.

Partnership with Youturn Health

Professional Interventionists

Qualified and highly-skilled. Caring and compassionate.

  • All of our Interventionists professionally trained and certified
  • Our services are provided with a high level of compassion
  • Everyone involved are given what’s needed to help their loved effectively

A effective way to begin the healing process

All the help you need to get your inner circle back on track.

  • Our Interventionists are experienced and provide methods with a proven high success rate
  • We’ve helped countless Floridians with vetted, high-quality treatment and aftercare programs

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