Helping you bridge the gap between inpatient treatment programs and staying accountable in daily life after treatment.

Measure progress throughout recovery

Case Managers meet with you regularly to review progress, discuss accountability, offer guidance, and make recommendations.

Structure that prepares you for sober living

Learn to implement tools and processes that lay the groundwork for navigating through the challenges ahead.

Sustainable recovery support

Our Case Managers ensure you have what you need to adhere to your discharge plan and develop the skills needed for long-term recovery.


Engage the family as a trusted resource and advocate. Family members should have a qualified expert consultant to help them navigate the system.


Educate the family on the basics of a substance use disorder, treatment, recovery, boundary setting, and self-care. Family members need objective information. 


Empower the family to respond to substance use disorder and associated issues. Family members can influence outcomes and positively impact the process.


Encourage the family to practice self-care. Family members must practice stress management and pursue their own recovery programs.

Our Family Coaches understand that family support can increase the likelihood of their loved ones maintaining their recovery journey. Addiction pulled the family apart, but family recovery makes us whole again. Our aim is wholeness through healing.

Partnership with Youturn Health

Post-treatment relapse prevention

Treatment gives you tools for healing your mind and body, and spirit. Your case manager will show you how to use those tools effectively.

  • Learn to build (and rebuild) meaningful relationships
  • Learn how to better manage your time
  • Understand the importance of nutrition and diet

Education and job preparedness

Support for residents to learn new skills and help with applying those skills to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

  • Education and vocational training
  • Resume prep and building
  • Job search and placement

Find vital resources and services

Practical guidance through obtaining clinical services and mental-health resources

  • Find therapists and psychiatrists
  • Guidance with filling out and filing for disability
  • Help with medication management

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