Our Leadership

Headshot of Melvin Clark
Melvin Clark
Founder and CEO

Melvin's primary focus is finding and developing staff to ensure every individual seeking recovery at Liberation House receives the best care during their recovery. His passion for reducing the stigma associated with addiction allows him to find new opportunities and partnerships. And his commitment helps bring access to recovery services for all individuals and families.

Do well by doing good
Do well by doing good
— Melvin E. Clark Sr.
Headshot of Alex Rysdyk
Alex Rysdyk
Operations Manager

Alex works to ensure all clients understand the rules and boundaries at Liberation House. He's responsible for creating a structured, safe, and inclusive environment for every person seeking recovery with us. And his passion for recovery gives each individual a way to develop and maintain the best version of themselves.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
— Wayne Gretzky
Headshot of Renee Yvette
Renee Yvette
Administrative Director

Renee oversees the administrative operations at Liberations house and is an experienced coordinator and supervisor. As a seasoned Administrator, Renee is responsible for preparing schedules for each of our House Managers as well as ordering supplies for our properties as well as handling any employee issues.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World
Be the Change You Want to See in the World
— Mahatma Gandhi
Headshot of Rich
Rich Giambrone
General Manager

Rich's role as General Manager encompasses several duties all centered around ensuring the residents and staff abide by rules and ensures that each of our properties meet all Florida state guidelines.

Nothing in Gods world happens by mistake.
Nothing in Gods world happens by mistake.
Headshot of Sharon Smith
Sharon Smith
Case Manager

Sharon is an excellent communicator, making her effective at offering feedback and assistance during the program process.

Her passion for personal development makes her excellent at understanding a person's needs and getting them connected to right resources.

Either you're a part of the problem, or a part of the solution, there are no abstentions.
Either you're a part of the problem, or a part of the solution, there are no abstentions.
Headshot of Brian Kelly Mizelle
Kelly Mizelle
Residential Manager

Kelly is a beloved alumni of Liberation House. His responsibilities are aimed at maintaining the integrity of the house. Kelly performs random drug, alcohol tests, and curfew checks. He’s also responsible for chore checks-ins to ensure cleanliness and overall upkeep of properties, facilitation of weekly community house meetings, conducting tours of properties, and participation in community volunteer events. His work ethic, wisdom and sense of humor are an important part our residences and programs.

A mission and team that exists to serve you

Our Purpose

To bring stability to those affected by substance abuse by making them mentally stronger and more resilient.

Our former resident Clevant holding and kissing his 11 month old child

Our Mission

To provide those recovering from addiction a safe place to live with remarkable people to guide them.

One of our residents discussing work options with a Case Manager

About Us

Our Story

In 2015, Liberation House set out to help the growing number of men who struggle with substance abuse find sustainable post-treatment recovery. In 2021 we expanded our reach by adding House of Angels, our first women-only recovery residence that offers all of our existing programs and several new programs specifically for women. With hundreds of our residents now living happy, productive lives, Liberation House is paving the way for permanent, sustainable sobriety.

Liberation House team puts all hands in during morning huddle
Young educator teaching one of our residents how to learn code.

Quality sober living isn’t out of reach

You need the right environment and people with the right skills to help you retake control of your life.